Top Tips to Prepare Better Beef Burgers

Top Tips to Prepare Better Beef Burgers

Burgers have become one of those foods that is enjoyed across cultures by people of all ages. This is because regardless of the recipe used, they are almost always delicious. So, many individuals have started to prepare burgers at home so that they can enjoy their favourite one in the comfort of their living space. However, it can be tough to make the ones you prepared as good as the ones prepared by the professionals solely because you do not have as much experience as them.

Not having sufficient experience does not mean you cannot make homemade burgers delicious. It is just that individuals should experiment and keep learning to make the required adjustments to their recipes. Besides learning basic things such as cooking instructions about heat sources, timing, and strength, learning a few tips can help a lot. Here are the top tips to prepare better burgers. Most fast food joints in Sydney use them to make delicious burgers.

1.  Utilise Freshly Ground Beef

Using store-bought ground beef is always a poor idea since you do not know when it was ground and which part of the cow it came from. Individuals might not even get to know how many diverse cows are in the package. Things like poor handling, freshness problems, and tight packing can make way for leaden patties. In case you have a trusted and reliable source of freshly ground beef, ensure that the meat contains about 20% fat content. If not possible, there won’t be any better choice than grinding your own beef. The task may appear daunting to many people, especially the ones who have not done it before. But it is not really that tough. Grinding your own beef permits you to have complete control over grind size and meat blend to the fat content. Burgers are one of the best fast food options which is why you should focus on every aspect when preparing it.

2.  Ensure Everything is Cold

Besides when your ultimate beef burgers are completely formed, heat is your biggest enemy. This is because warm fat is known to be pliable and soft, and it typically sticks to your hands along with work surfaces. So, when you are grinding your own beef, ensure everything is very cold to prevent things like fat smearing. This includes the grinding blades, the feed shaft, the meat and the plate. Most people prefer keeping their meat grinder in the freezer so that they are prepared to grind almost immediately.

3.  Refrain from Salting the Meat Until Patties are Formed

Salting the beef before patties are formed is never recommended. The primary reason behind this is that salt is known to dissolve muscle proteins, which will likely turn your burger from damp and tender to springy as well as sausage-like. Ideally, people should season their burgers within minutes of the time they are about to hit the grill. Salt affects meat as soon as it comes into contact with it. It affects the outside texture of the patties, which is never ideal. So, avoid salting your beef until the patties are formed.

Wrapping Up

Burgers are certainly one of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes. However, most people still make some basic mistakes which affect the taste of the dish. This is where following a few tips such as those mentioned in this article can be helpful in preparing better burgers.